SAR P8 Series


SAR USA P8 Series

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The SAR USA P8 is yet another 9x19mm high-capacity semi-automatic from well-known Turkish gun maker SAR. The 17+1 P8L is the larger brother of the corresponding 15+1 SAR P8, with their “L” and “S” trailing initials standing for large and small respectively. Or maybe long and short. P8L is a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) gun with excellent ergonomics, fit and finish. The SAR USA P8 “ya gotta see this” feature are its four oval lightening ports on the slide’s front flanks and the corresponding paired long oval compensator ports on top. The side ovals serve not only as lightening ports but as the front grips. The combination can evoke all kinds of things, including something off a steampunk movie set. But with a nod back to simplicity, the slide’s rear serrations are the more standard diagonal types.The P8L’s main dimensions ensconce its 4.6” barrel. The gun has a 1.4” maximum width, 5.5” overall height and 8.0” overall length. Weight is 37.9 ounces.

The gun comes in all steel black with black grips, stainless steel with black grips or stainless steel with white inlaid wooden grips. Either way, it’s fetching! The slide, barrel and frame are all forged alloy steel.

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For safety, the SAR P8 has a manual safety (thumb safety) at back left. There’s also a firing pin block and a hammer block that should prevent the gun from discharging if and when it’s dropped. And that’s a good thing! The gun has low profile sights. It’s a white three-dot kit. The rear sight has a ramped front-face and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The gun’s controls are all on the left. There’s nothing ambidextrous about the gun, but for right-hand shooters, everything will be exactly where they expect. The P8L comes with a pair of black 17-round steel magazines.

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